Severe lower back pain?

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Severe lower back pain?

Post by mirsha2012 on Fri May 10, 2013 5:50 pm

I have pretty much tried every single type of conventional treatment and all types of alternative medicine and to be honest, it is driving me insane and ruining my life wasting this much time experimenting with a treatment that is probably no more helpful than the last. There is clearly pain in my back but unfortunately these doctors have not been able to identify or fix the root of the problem. I am not at all trying to be arrogant but money is absolutely NO object! I have already wasted an absurd amount of money. I would be willing to pay what ever it takes for the most cutting edge available treatment. Obviously the most important factor in this situation is an ACCURATE diagnosis, and another being an effective course of action. What I am asking here is if anyone on the world wide web can give me some suggestions of some world renowned back specialists. (experts who are highly skilled at assessing back pain.) I beg that you do not give me some cheeky comment/answer that wastes my time like the millions of members on yahoo give such as "what your asking is stupid" or "don't you know that miracle workers don't exist" or "backpain is a life long condition that you must live with." As you can see, those answers are totally negative and provide zero knowledge! I would rather have no posts to this question than the above examples. NO ONE should have to live with back pain period!
(I am willing to fly anywhere on the planet and as I have said before, willing to throw down virtually any amount of cash that is required to make this process work) Hopefully some one out there can relate to my situation and give a constructive and educative response to my query.

Thank you ever so much for your time and effort. Your knowledge is deeply appreciated.


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