Hello there !!!

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Hello there !!!

Post by nelsonz on Tue Feb 10, 2009 12:55 am

I'm Kinda old here ..... I join Animac Club and forum since last year ... but inactive due to several problem that I can't avoid .... (Dun ask more about this I try not to talk about .. XD) ... I post in this area because I am brand new here .. so nice 2 meet you guyz ...

Ok let me intro again .. !!

My name is Call me Wei Hong/Ah Hong/Fei Hong (or my lovely (yaker !?) eng. name Nelson). I age 19 in this 2009 and now is my fourth Semester of foundation in arts (I get in problem while at the orientation day) this cause me get 1 more semester. I taking 3D animation and Design. And my height and weight ..... (no need tell lar .... you guyz not interesting at all).

The anime series I watching now is: TOA, Gundam 00 and Soul Eater (xtra: Mask Rider Decade this is the 2nd mask rider series I ever see .. XD).

The anime series I watching be4 is ...... (1,2,3,4,5,6,7 and ......... Uncountable [lazy for me 2 count.. XD]).

I trying to active again into this forum because I very interesting in Bunkasai Festival and also I miss several meeting be4 ... so can I join comming this 14 febuary if possible make it ?

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First class AniMaC Fan

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Re: Hello there !!!

Post by ~J3ffr3ytjw~ on Tue Feb 10, 2009 1:53 am

welcome back
juz to let u know tat 14th Feb meeting was cancel
but we having a series of meeting starting from 10/2 to 13/2
5pm to 6pm at South Wing cafeteria
and also from 10/2 to 13/2 will having committee recruitment
plz do us a favor on helping to recruit committee
refer tis link
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AniMaC Captain Leader

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