Long sleeve shirt version available.

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Long sleeve shirt version available.

Post by gaunpro on Fri Oct 29, 2010 12:16 am

The Law Enforcement Uniform is manufactured and supplied by Jireh Corporation, a Taiwan based supplier who provides all kinds of outfit to meet every customers' needs. As for this specific product, the Short Sleeve Shirt is specially designed for police. It is produced with quality, and have the following advatages and features:

Product Range - Law Enforcement Uniform
Manufactured with a special material named 3XDRY, which is stain-repellent, breathable, and almost water-resistant.

.Polyester and Cotton blend woven fabric with stretch / 3XDRY finish.
We use special way to produce the outfit. Blended with Cotten, the fabric is more comfortable to wear.

.Pleated pockets with pencil slot left.
A considerate detail of the Law Enforcement Uniform. We think more about how to make a shirt with pratical functions.

.Traditional 5-crease military style (stitched).
A standard outfit.


.Badge eyelets with internal support strap.

.Long sleeve shirt version available.

Jireh Law Enforcement Uniform is a multifunctional short sleeve shirt, if you are a outdoor paintball-game lover, you cannot miss this shirt. Its multifunctional pockets and material will satisfy all your needs during the game. Choosing Jireh products and you will not regret.

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