about kei keywod effectiveness

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about kei keywod effectiveness

Post by jamesscot84 on Sat Jul 02, 2011 7:26 pm

about kei
Kei stands for keywod effectiveness index. the best keywords are those that have many searches and that don't have much competition in the search results. Actually it is a formula which states that “number of monthly searches” squared divided by “completing pages”. It is used for calculating value of keyword phrases that target the blog or website.
When KEI was first developed, it was easy to say that a KEI figure of over X or Y made the keyword a good one. Because the SEO industry has grown, and because there is an enormous amount of content now published on the Internet, all jostling for space in the SERPS (search engine ranking pages), it's better to view KEI as a relative figure, particularly when looking inside a niche. In some niches a KEI of 10 might be the highest number you see. In others (particularly when working with Google data with higher search counts), you might see a KEI figure in the millions. Remember, it's all relative.
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